It’s Not About the Birds

Um, Where’s the Bird?

So I set out to go digiscoping, but the birds don’t cooperate, or the conditions aren’t conducive for great photographs. Pretty much status quo, right?!? Birds are elusive, twitchy critters that tend to move away the second you get them in the lens. To get one close enough to see the fine details, with good focus and lighting, and no errors in my photographic technique is almost impossible.

The day is never lost because I don’t come home with a bird portrait that will have Audubon magazine calling me. When I’ve got all my gear with me, I take as many digiscoped shots as I can. Then I unscrew the camera from the adapter, and point it wherever I find inspiration.

On my most recent trip to Pickering Creek Audubon Center, I’d about exhausted what I could get from the low bird activity. From the observation deck I looked back at the Waterman’s Shanty, and noticed a rectangular window with bowed glass creating some interesting, ghost-like reflections. Here’s one of my best shots of the day, conspicuously absent of any birds.

Reflection in the Watermans Shanty window

Anytime I’m out somewhere with a camera in my hands, it’s an opportunity to learn something about photography. And anytime I’m out looking specifically for birds, I’m both amazed and educated by the behavior that I witness, and I often chalk up quite a list of sightings for the day. It would be a mistake to leave disappointed that the birds didn’t wind up in the photographs.

PS – If you haven’t read Lance Armstrong’s book “It’s Not About the Bike,” do so sometime.

~ by GinaCico on November 30, 2009.

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