A More Typical Starbucks

2019 Coffeeneuring Ride 6

WHERE: Starbucks, inside Barnes & Noble [3651 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303]

The Wright Brothers, a great read!


WHEN: Saturday, 23 November 2019

WHAT I DRANK: Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

WHY GO: Books, obviously

HOW FAR I RODE: 4.66 miles (Strava link)

My brother Paul’s birthday is on Nov 25th. Always too close to Thanksgiving, he hates it when we celebrate his birthday at our holiday family gathering. It’s like cheating. I don’t disagree.

So in trying to be a good sister, I arranged to take him out for lunch on his actual birthday. We’d take Dad too, because Dad’s always up for lunch outside his neighborhood (he lives in a retirement community and doesn’t drive). All I needed was a gift.

The day was cold; not exactly biting low temperatures, but the kind of damp chill that penetrates all insulation. I rode slowly, so as not to break a sweat under my layers of clothing. And without knowing for sure it was open, I turned off the trail to explore the new wetlands bridge on the south side of Four Mile Run. As I crossed, 4-5 other people were loitering on the new bridge and taking in a perspective we’d never had before. Kudos to Alexandria for this great addition to our public outdoor spaces!

It amazes me that Barnes & Noble bookstores, once thought of as the corporate killer to local privately owned book shops, seems to be one of the last soldiers standing against the giant known as Amazon. I now feel grateful that they still exist, and occasionally love to browse the aisles just to see what’s new.

I grabbed a drink first, choosing a decadent white chocolate mocha, and sipped as I perused the collection. I had been reading David McCullough’s “The Wright Brothers” and enjoying it immensely, but the library wanted it back before I’d finished. A staff member helped me find a paperback copy, but rather than buy it I judged I could cram in the last few chapters that night and return the book.

Finding a gift for my brother was not difficult either, and I went to the register before returning to my bike. It was a slow cruise home, with a little bag swinging from my left handlebar. I took the old route, determining the new wetlands bridge route saves no more than 0.1 mile, but offers a change of scenery.


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