South Block Juice Co.

Coffeeneuring, Ride 4

WHERE: South Block Juice Co. – a Micro Juicery [2121 N. Westmoreland St., Arlington, VA 22213, (703) 534-1542]

WHEN: Saturday, 31 October 2015 (Halloween)

WHAT I DRANK: Latte and “Glow” juice

WHY GO: One block off the W&OD, friendly people offering lots of good healthy stuff

HOW FAR: 5.42 miles

Being in the DC/Arlington area, it’s hard not to duplicate what all the other coffee loving cyclists are doing.  Wanting to try someplace unique, I found a shop tucked away in a spot conveniently on my way to the Falls Church farmers market, so I combined errands.

Even on a chilly morning, the market was hopping. As I was loading up my goods to ride back, a woman on a very cute Linus bike parked next to Vaya struck up a conversation.  She’d just started riding a year ago, and was mostly curious how much stuff I could fit into my small panniers.

South Block Falls Church Micro Juicery & Test Kitchen is where this company produces all of their juice & raw foods.  It’s one block off the W&OD trail, with a storefront and outdoor tables on a quiet street.  A large bike rack sits in front of the test kitchen windows, where you can watch the action inside.  The fresh smells of healthy concoctions waft onto the sidewalk.

I ordered a very fine whole milk latte made with Stumptown espresso, and took a bottle of “Glow” juice (pineapple, apple, fennel, aloe, lemon & mint) home to try later.  Both were solidly worthwhile, zingy and energizing.  Though juice is their specialty, the store partners with other local companies to provide healthy food and baked goods as well.

South Block Juice Co. was fairly busy, so though it was new to me clearly it’s not unknown in the neighborhood.  I know I will be back to visit!

Sunny sidewalk seating.

Sunny sidewalk seating.

Kale sucks! They must have a good marketing lobby.

Kale sucks! They must have a good marketing lobby.

That is some STRONG coffee!

That is some STRONG coffee!

Vaya in front of the test kitchen window.

Vaya by the test kitchen window.

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